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According to our sources, Falcons will recruit the leader and founder of the DBL PONEY project, Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro. He should replace Jordan "Python" Munck-Foehrle.
At the beginning of 2022, former LDLC OL Ali "hAdji" Haïnouss, Bryan "Maka" Canda and Nicolas "Keoz" Dgus decided to team-up with former Vitality Jayson "Kyojin" Nguyen Van and prospect Jordan "Python" Munck-Foehrle. Though expected to stay in the Lyon organization, they ultimately joined Falcons.

Their first part of the season was not very convincing, they did not manage to qualify for the PGL Antwerp Major RMR, nor distinguish themselves in the European subtop. The organization then decided to move to the next level by removing Kyojin and Keoz, picking up a veteran to take the lead, Nathan "NBK" Schmitt and a great prospect who was removed from Vitality, Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier.

With this new lineup, the roster took on another dimension by qualifying for the RMR for the IEM Rio Major on the first qualifier. Unfortunately, they fell short in the final deciding game to the eventual Major winners, Outsiders. Soon after, Bryan "Maka" Canda was dropped and replaced by another French legendary player, Kenny "kennyS" Schrub.

As the season is getting underway, Falcons has once again decided to take a step forward. According to our sources, with the end of the HEET/DBL PONEY project, they have decided to get the founder and leader of the squad, Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro. The former G2 had taken the lead at HEET, displaying a 1.09 HLTV rating over 2022. He will be able to bring a lot to a team that wants to settle in the world top and above all be there in Paris for the BLAST Major. It is worth noting that he joins NBK and kennyS who played with him in the G2 superteam. It is Jordan "Python" Munck-Foehrle that is removed from the roster.

After our announcement of the upcoming departure of Aurélien "afro" Drapier to LDLC OL, bodyy announced today on Twitter his departure from HEET and the end of the DBL PONEY project. There are only three players left at HEET today: Audric "JACKZ" Jug, Thomas "Djoko" Pavoni and Pierre "Ex3rcice" Bulinge.

Falcons should soon be :

fr Nathan "NBK" Schmitt
fr Ali "hAdji" Haïnouss
fr Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier
fr Kenny "kennyS" Schrub
fr Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro

fr Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni (coach)